When it comes to shovels there is no one in the industry better than ERA Group for design, durability and quality. Proudly, designed and manufactured in Canada, our shovels are engineered to last undergoing rigorous quality control environmental testing. We offer a full range of shovels to meet our customer’s needs, from consumer to commercial; we have the shovel to get the job done even under the harshest conditions.

When Push comes to Shovel

Our regular ERA winter shovel line made from premium material includes all-purpose, pusher, light weight, scoop, sleigh scoop, ergonomic and kid’s shovels, as well as, roof rakes, car safety sets and traction aids all at an exceptional value.

We offer a full range of shovels to meet our customer’s needs

While our ERA Earth line, was designed using 95% North American recycled material. This eco-friendly collection offers the same trusted reliability while supporting sustainability by renewing end of life plastic products.

No matter what the material, we deliver what we promise: uncompromising quality at the best value.